Julia Jondell, Molly Malmer
Olivia Tognelli Brontén
9 kg
Ash and aluminum


To create a family of accessories that works both at home and in public settings.


We began by looking at the Swedese’s history, their methods of manufacturing, and their product range. We were interested in questioning what it is that defines an accessory and what it is that differentiates it from a piece of furniture. After having explored a variety of potential products we selected a family of three, in dialogue with the company.

Through the examination of the company we focused on their tradition of craftsmanship, knowledge, and on their resources. To best administer this, we drew our inspiration from the factory itself. Through us using their central method of production—compression moulding—we were able to produce our pieces in a more sustainable, cost effective manner. By accentuating the production method in the design we believe it gives the viewer a greater understanding of the craftsmanship involved, and thereby creates a stronger connection to the object.

We wanted to use the same compression tool for our products in order to create a clear link between the pieces, while also streamlining the production. After we had designed a leg for the shelf, we found a way to apply the same curve in the tray. The tray in turn opened up to the design of the candle holders that are attached to the edge—inspired by how the metal-clad compression mold holds the layers of wood veneer in place during the lamination process.


Manufact is a family of three accessories consisting of the shelf 'Curve', the tray 'Repeat', and the candle holders 'Join'. The production method informed the design process and is expressed in the final design of all of the objects.


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